Awards 2017

62nd Annual Irving Art Association Members Juried Exhibition in Irving, TX, May 28 – June 23, First Place in Dry Media (Mayfair Park Peacock)

51st Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition at the Charles W Eisemann Center in Richardson, TX, April 26 – May 27, First Place in Pastel/Graphics (Starlight’s Watchful Eye)

32nd Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition in Irving, TX, April-June, 2017, Second Place in Drawing (Egyptian Arabian Ak Al Kaseed)

2017 Richardson Civic Art Society Spring Show, Richardson, TX, April, Honorable Mention in Pastel/Graphics (Friesian Study)

The Visual Arts Guild of Frisco Members Fresh Start Show, Frisco, TX, Feb-March, 2017, 1st Place Drawing (Jullyen El Jamaal at Liberty)

Invited to display 5 pieces of my artwork in the WAOW Show at RS Hanna Inaugural Spring Showcase in Fredericksburg, TX, March-June, 2017.


Awards 2016

2016 Richardson Civic Art Society Membership Show, Richardson, TX, Oct.-Nov., 1st Place in Pastel/Graphics (Who’s My Daddy?)

15th National Animal Art Juried Competition in Irving, TX, September, 2016, 2nd Place Dry Media (Papillon Sparkle)

50th Annual Richardson Civic Art Society Regional Juried Art Exhibition, May 2016, 3rd Place in Pastel/Graphics (The Pause That Refreshes)

52nd Annual Collin County Adult Art Show, March 18-20, Best Graphic (Friesian Study)


Awards 2015

Richardson Civic Art Society 2015 Membership Show, October 3rd to November 14th, First Place in Pastel/Graphics (the category for Colored Pencil Drawings) (Kiger Majesty)

The Draft Horse Classic at The Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley, CA, Sept, 2015, Second Place (A Mother’s Care) and Third Place (Tango on the Salt River).

2015 American Academy of Equine Art Fall Open Juried Exhibition held at the Scott County Arts and Cultural Center in Georgetown, KY, September through October, Jean Bowman Memorial Award for Painting (The Pause That Refreshes)

2015 Edyth Horton Art For Horses Show in Lakewood, CO, Aug-Sep, Best of Show (Looking Out For Me)

I was asked to do a One-Woman Show at The Martin Place, McKinney, TX for the month of July, 2015.

60th Annual Irving Art Association Members Juried Exhibition, Irving, TX, May-June, 2015, First Place in Drawing (Jullyen El Jamaal at Liberty)

49th Annual RCAS Regional Juried Art Exhibition, May 2015, 2nd Place in Pastel/Graphics (The Pause That Refreshes)

One of my paintings was accepted into Art in the Atrium 10 at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center in Frisco, TX (Innocence). It will hang there for 6 months.

30th Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition, April, 2015, Honorable Mention (Starlight Express)

WAOWed by Spring Bouquets and Spring Babies Online Show, April, 2015, Honorable Mention (The New Arrival is Here)

51st Annual Collin County Adult Art Show, McKinney, TX March, 2015, 2nd Place Drawing (The Pause That Refreshes), Honorable Mention (Just Another Day on the Ranch)


Awards 2014

Richardson Civic Art Society 2014 Membership Show, Richardson, TX Oct-Nov. Best of Show (Starlight Express) and First Place – Pastel/Graphics (Skye)

Two of my paintings were accepted into Art in the Atrium 9 at the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center in Frisco, TX (Eric’s Legacy) and (Peruvian Stallion). They will hang there for 6 months.

The American Academy of Equine Arts Fall Open Juried Exhibition, Sep/Oct. Contemporary Arts Award (The New Arrival Is Here)

Irving Art Association 13th Annual Wildlife & Domestic Animal Juried Art Competition, September, 2014 First Place – Dry Medium (The Pause That Refreshes)

Irving Art Association 2014 Members Juried Exhibition, April-May, 2014 First Place – Drawing (The New Arrival is Here)

Institute of Equine Artists 2014 Online All Member Juried Exhibit “All the Colorful Horses” – Best in Show (A Mother’s Care), Honorable Mention (Second Glance)

TVAA 67th Annual Membership Exhibition at Medical City, Dallas, TX May, 2014 Third Place (Maclintock V)

50th Annual Collin County Adult Art Show, April, 2014 Blue Ribbon/First Place – Drawing Category (The New Arrival is Here)


Awards 2013

Richardson Civic Art Society’s Members Show, October, 2013 Blue Ribbon/First Place – Pastel/Graphics Category (Tango on the Salt River)

Irving Art Association’s 12th Annual Wildlfe & Domestic Animal Juried Art Competition, Sept., 2013, Best of Show (A Mother’s Care)

Accepted into Colored Pencil Society of America’s 21st International Juried Exhibition, Aug., 2013 (Starlight Express)

Irving Art Association’s 58th Annual Members Juried Exhibition in Irving, TX, May-June, 2013 Best of Show (Maclintock V)

Elected President of CPSA District Chapter 215 – Dallas/Ft.Worth in January, 2013

Had two images accepted into Ex Arte Equinus, “Maclintock V” and “A Mother’s Care” which will be published in book and magazine form – Art Horse Magazine in Jan., 2013


Awards 2012

“WAOWing the Hill Country” Show at R.S. Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX, Nov-Dec, 2012, Prismacolor Award of Merit, 2 Dimensional Category (Stalking His First Fish)

Richardson Civic Art Society 2012 Membership Show, October, First Place – Pastel & Graphics (Maclintock V)

CPSA DC 215 Juried Art Exhibit, October, 2012 at the Eisemann Center, First Place Professional (Innocence)

Grand Prairie Art Council’s Annual Juried Art Show & Sale, October 2012, First Place in Drawing (Looking Out For Me)

Irving Art Association’s 4th Annual Unconditional Love National Pet Art Exhibition, September, 2012, President’s Award, provided in part by Lyra (Stalking His First Fish)

Accepted into the Bosque Art Classic, September, Clifton, TX 2012

Irving Art Associations’s 57th Annual IAA Juried Members Show – May, 2012, Best of Show (Innocence)


Awards 2011:

Richardson Civic Art Society’s 2011 Membership Show, Richardson, TX – October, 2011, Best of Show (Second Glance)

Irving Arts Association 3rd Unconditional Love National Pet Art Exhibition, Jaycee Park Center For The Arts, Irving, TX – September, 2011, IACC Award (Is That A Snake?)

Breckenridge Fine Art Center Show in Breckenridge, TX – August, 2011, Fine Arts Award  (Ready To Win)

19th Annual CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) International Exhibition, Charles W. Eisemann Center, Richardson, TX – July 15, 2011, Dixon Ticonderoga Award for Exceptional Merit (Looking Out For Me).

TVAA (Texas Visual Arts Association) Wildlife & Nature Show – July, 2011, Plaza of the Americas, Second Place (Eric’s Legacy)

WAOW (Women Artists of the West) 41st National Juried Show, Rockport Center for the Arts – May/June, Award of Merit – Ray Mar Art (Innocence)

Interview on local TV with Leslie Allen in Corpus Christi, TX on Sunday morning, May, 2011, regarding the WAOW Show in Rockport, TX


Awards 2010

AWA (American Women Artists) 2010 Show at Southwest Gallery, Dallas, TX – Oct/Nov., Award of Merit (Looking Out For Me)

American Academy of Equine Arts 2010 Fall Open Juried Exhibition and Sale in Georgetown, KY – Sept/Oct., Kimbrell E. Oelke Memorial Award (The Swimming Lesson)

Accepted into the 2010 Fall Bosque Art Classic in Clifton, TX (Looking Out For Me)

State Fair of Texas, Blue Ribbon – Animal Category (Peruvian Stallion)

Irving Art Association 2010 “Unconditional Love” Juried Pet Show, Honorable Mention (You Talkin’ Ta Me?)

40th National Juried Exhibition “WAOWing the Golden State,” June 2010, Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation Award (The Swimming Lesson)

Richardson Civic Art Society 44th Regional Juried Art Exhibition, May 2010, Third Place Pastel/Graphics (Watching the Rain)

Irving Art Association Juried Members Show, May 2010, President’s Award for (Looking Out For Me), and a Merit Award for (Hello World)

Blue Ribbon, First Place in Graphics Category, 46th Annual Art Show of McKinney, April 2010 (Chesapeake), Red Ribbon, Second Place- same category, same show (Peruvian Stallion)

2 pictures were accepted into the 40th National Exhibition “WAOWing the Golden State” being held June 4 – June 30, 2010 in El Cajon, CA. These were (The Swimming Lesson) and (Chesapeake).


Awards 2009

Honorable Mention (Ready to Win) CPSA Chapter 215 Keller Show, November, 2009

Blue Ribbon, First Place in Pastel/Graphics, Richardson Civic Arts Society, 2009 Membership Show (The Swimming Lesson), Honorable Mention (Eric’s Legacy)

Accepted into Women Artists of the West as an Associate, Member, September, 2009

Blue Ribbon, First Place – State Fair of Texas – September – Animal Category (Chesapeake)

First Place, Pastel in Grand Prairie Art Exhibit, September, 2009 (Nifty’s Look)

Second Place in Ann Kullberg’s Members Exhibit, July 2009 (Eric’s Legacy)

Accepted into the 17th CPSA International Show in Atlanta, GA July, 2009 (The Swimming Lesson)

CPSA Artist of the Month – January, 2009 (The Swimming Lesson)

Honorable Mention – McKinney Art Show (Hello World)

Peoples Choice and First Place, Graphics Division – McKinney Art Show (The Swimming Lesson)


Awards 2008

Honorable Mention – Irving Art Association Wildlife, Juried Art Competition (Eric’s Legacy)



CP Hidden Treasures III, Spring, 2016 (The New Arrival Is Here)

CP Treasures III, Winter, 2014 (Looking Out For Me)

Colored Pencil Magazine 2014 Calendar-July (The Swimming Lesson)

CP Treasures II, Winter, 2013 (A Mother’s Care)

CP Magazine Cover (Maclintock V) August, 2013, 4-page article inside

Art of the West Magazine, July/August Issue, 2013

CP Treasures !, Fall/Winter, 2012 (Eric’s Legacy)

Art of the West Magazine 25th Anniversary Issue, Nov.-Dec., 2012

Horses In Art Magazine Cover, Spring Issue, 2009 (Hello World), 2-page article